Every Earl Has a Silver Lining (In progress)

  • Nash Westfall, would-be earl and former naval hero, is determined to win back the title and fortune his father lost, and he needs to marry a daughter of a lord  a to get Parliament’s approval. With the clock ticking and two months left before he must produce a bride, he settles upon Lady Marianne Bingham, a widow who seems perfect on paper. Unbeknownst to him and almost everyone else, after her bad marriage, she is determined to remain unmarried and is secretly making a living creating risqué paintings that have become all the rage in the Ton. When Nash discovers her secret, will they love each other enough to risk their dreams?

What woman wouldn’t find delight in laying eyes upon such a man? He was tall with broad shoulders and narrow hips over powerful thighs. His eyes were a warm brown, but his hair… His hair was ink-black. Darker than midnight. Darker than any color she could create on her palette. If she still painted portraits, she would have begged him on the spot to allow her to paint his. As it was, she imagined painting a history with Nash as the inspiration for a powerful general in battle. Or a young Alexander the Great. Or Adam—heavens, he would make a divine Adam, handsome and noble and ready to fall from grace.

–Lady Marianne Bingham


Percent Complete

How to Get Away with Marriage (Complete, Unpublished)

  • When London architect Hugh Barlow, Lord Bolton, barged into Lady Isabella Halwick’s parlor to tell her that he wouldn’t build her so much as a stick fort after she threatened to end his career, he didn’t expect to stay at her home in Dorset for a week. He also didn’t expect to be surrounded by stampeding sheep, indecent statues, terrible family mottoes, and the nosiest town busybodies he could imagine.  And, he never expected falling in love with the last woman on earth he’d have ever chosen.

“For that, I receive an apology? Lady Isabella, in the few days I’ve known you, you’ve threatened my career, held me hostage, implied you had relations of a dubious nature with a willful sheep, and set your sister Lady Caroline against me. Remarking upon my smile is not even worth mentioning amongst your offenses.”

–Hugh Barlow, Lord Bolton

WINNER of the 2015 Maggie for Unpublished Historical

WINNER of the 2015 Maggie for Unpublished Historical

Wicked Ways to Win Your Wife (Complete, Unpublished)

  • When intrepid but lonely Hannah Lawrence travels from America to meet the older brother of her deceased husband, she is outraged to find the brilliant, misanthropic Lord Alec Halwick alive and accusing her of being the fourth woman that month to have claimed she married him. After learning that Alec was injured and cannot remember the last six months of his life—a terrible blow to a man who prides himself on his extreme intelligence and self-reliance—Hannah convinces him that she is indeed his wife, a woman he married because of a business exchange with her father. Alec had told her two things when they married: (1) love has nothing to do with marriage; and, (2) she should let him know when she would like a child and he would fulfill his bedroom responsibilities at that time. Alec would prefer to stand by his words, but he finds himself increasingly attracted to the unsinkable and practical woman who becomes his unlikely champion. When he begins an unconventional courtship of her, a secret of Hannah’s comes to light that threatens to destroy their burgeoning relationship. After believing the worst, will Alec be able to win back the love of his wife?

Caroline looked at Hannah speculatively and ignored Alec’s huff of impatience. “Tell me, Miss Laurence. Was my brother in love with you when you married?”

“What does love have to do with marriage?” Alec asked with a small sneer.

Hannah snorted. “Ah,” she said, drawing out the sound, “never was there a truer summation of our nuptials.”

–Caroline, Alec, & Hannah

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