I apologize for the delay, but a 3-day weekend followed by a winter storm threw me a bit off schedule. Anyway, here’s my second social media tip:

Tip Two: Post what makes sense for your “brand.”  What are your readers most likely interested in?  News about your novels is a given, but what else? 

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of an author brand, it means the image or perception of yourself that you want to convey to your audience. If I went to a bookstore and said I want to read something similar to a Nicholas Sparks novel, the staff is going to immediately know what kind of book I’m looking for–sweeping romance, high drama, and possibly some kissing in the rain… Same goes for authors like Danielle Steele or Nora Roberts. Their names bring up a strong image in your mind of what kind of book to expect.

Your brand not only encompasses what or how your write, but also your social media. Why, you ask, is this important (as you shake your fist at the sky, frustrated by even more things to think about on top of that giant novel you need to finish). It’s going to give you an edge when you publish that novel. If someone ever (hopefully) picks up an “Evie Jamison” novel, I want them to know that it’s historical romance, it’s humorous with some angst splashed in, and probably a bit off-the-wall. Oh yeah, there’s smut, too. 😉

If you know your brand (or what you’d like it to be), try to post things on social media that fall in line with it. You don’t have to do it all the time, but I’d say spend 90% or more of your time generating brand-relevant content. If you find, however, a fascinating article on a new species of bear, it’s fine to post it–just don’t go overboard with off-topic stuff. The point is to be authentic to yourself and your brand. (For some articles on building your author brand that go into way more detail than me, try: http://www.yourwriterplatform.com/build-your-author-brand/ or http://completelynovel.com/self-publishing/developing-your-author-brand

Need some inspiration or feel totally lost? Think about successful authors who write similar to you, and look at how they try to reach their audiences. Pay attention to how they’ve written their bios, what images they use on their banners and websites, and what things they post on their social media sites. Do you see any commonalities among those authors? Do any of those things appeal to you? Don’t copy (although sharing a post on your own site is obviously okay), but think about whether you could do something similar.

It will be the particular mix of things you share on your social media site that ultimately cements your social media brand. You want to be unique. I tend to share a lot of Regency history articles, some humor (that either I penned or someone else), and articles/ideas about writing and publishing. For good or ill, when someone looks at my Facebook or Twitter feed, it is the mix of those things that give an impression about me and what type of writer I am. I suspect that if I publish a novel, there will be fewer items about writing/publishing and more on my books.

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