Welcome to Day Three of my tips for social media! Today’s tips don’t require a ton of discussion, but they’re still important.

Tip Three: Engage your readers by asking questions on social media.  Don’t just share articles or websites–ask questions to get a response. 

My most effective days as a teacher were the days I asked lots of questions because I engaged the students directly.  It’s a similar principle on social media.  Your brand will be more memorable if you engage people instead of making them passive participants.

If you share an article or a blog post written by someone else, ask for opinions about it. Ask for similar experiences. Ask something that makes the reader want to volunteer something about themselves. People will keep coming back if they feel like they’re participating in your world.

Tip Four: Similarly, interact with people. Don’t use social media as a place where you post a link and dash away.

This tip seems basic, but it’s not always done. If someone replies to you, try to reply back.  Check your social media sites a few times a day if you can. People will start thinking of you more as a person if you engage them–not a bodiless robot that spits out articles on Facebook and never replies.

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