Contemporary Series

Advanced Boyfriend Skills

  • After winning the National Spelling Bee in her teens, Lily Wright was left with a life-long addiction to orthography, a fantastic short-term memory, a cringing reaction to bells, and a hatred of being in the spotlight. Now a history professor at a prestigious university, Lily lives a quiet, ordered¬† and easily-defined life until Shane Griffin, international superstar actor, comes bounding into her life and asking for her expertise on his next role. Shane is the sexy celebrity “everyone knows,” but Lily discovers his brash ways conceal a different identity, one with hidden secrets, that challenges her to rethink her secluded life. Can Shane convince her that stepping into the limelight together can spell happiness?

Lily’d had 2.2 boyfriends. Technically, the second guy had cheated with four other women, so she figured she’d only ever had twenty percent of him. Bastard. [Bastard. Noun. From Middle English.¬† An unpleasant or despicable person. In a sentence: Sean was a lying, cheating bastard with a tiny dick. B-A-S-T-A-R-D.]

Lily Wright


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