Links & Resources

Writer’s Groups:

Louisville Romance Writers –Come check out these wonderful writers!

The Beau Monde — The writers from this group have been such an inspiration for my Regency interests.

Romance Writers of America — The best thing I ever did as a writer was to join RWA.


People who do Regency Research way better than me:

Kristen Koster (Kristen calls herself a “research ninja,” and she is!)

Candice Hern (Candice’s Regency World is an excellent source for all things Regency, particularly fashion and people)

Nancy Mayer (Nancy has long been an expert in all things Regency)

Michele Sinclair (Michele has a wide collection of Regency topics. I could spend days clicking on links.)


Dorset History

The Dorset Page Click on the “History” tab for some really wonderful links to local history

Dorset Maps A free page containing old maps of Dorset


Miscellaneous British Research

Geograph I love this resource. The object of Geograph is to collect photographs of every square kilometer of Great Britain.

The Woodland Trust Their guide to native and non-native British trees has been extremely helpful. Great pictures.


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